Make A Powerful Difference

Become a Landmark Forum or Advanced Course Leader

The work of Landmark was created out of a commitment to bring about a breakthrough—a shift in what is possible in being human. Leaders of Landmark’s programs create an environment in which those breakthroughs can occur.

Playing a leadership role

What marks a Landmark leader is a dedication to possibility. They create an environment in which people can step out of the world they know and explore the full panoply available in being human, and act on those possibilities.

In this program, you’ll develop your ability to communicate effectively with large groups of people, and to speak in a way that inspires others to produce unprecedented results. It will provide you with a consistent forum for expressing your commitment to make a powerful, immediate difference in people’s lives.

Functioning together in an extraordinary way, leaders of The Landmark Forum and Advanced Course operate with enormous integrity, call each other to be bigger than how they’ve known themselves to be, complement each other’s strengths. They play an integral role in people’s lives and in making the Landmark enterprise all that it is. Having that kind of leadership role carries with it enormous responsibility and comes from a deep regard for the dignity and humanity of others.

As a Landmark Forum leader, you’ll:

  • Receive intensive training and one-on-one coaching in the distinctions of transformation, and hands-on experience in expressing them effectively.
  • Play a key role as part of a dynamic team and develop a network of accomplished colleagues committed to transformation.
  • Travel the world, bringing transformation to the lives of people everywhere—people with diverse cultures, customs, and languages.
  • Make a powerful difference in the lives of others in such a way that the full range available to us in being human can be explored and lived.

Find out more

The first step in becoming a Landmark Forum leader is to successfully complete the Landmark Introduction Leaders Program and either the Seminar Leaders Program or the Self-Expression and Leadership Leaders program.

Please contact your local Landmark office to get an overview of leadership opportunities and the process for applying.

Interested in being on an informational call?

Landmark Forum leaders host regular conference calls with people around the world who are interested in finding out more about being a Landmark Forum leader. This call is open to any Landmark Forum graduate.

Upcoming calls are scheduled for 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. Pacific time (9:00 – 10:00 p.m. Eastern time)

February 12th, 2024 | May 13th, 2024 | August 19th, 2024 | November 18th, 2024

To join the call, please use the contact form below.

 It’s hard to provide evidence or make a case for a place where life can show up as an invention, but it is there, in that domain, that the full world available to us in being human can be explored and lived. I have the honor of witnessing that unfold time after time as a Landmark Forum leader. 

Jerry Baden

 Transformation allows us to move beyond ways we wound up being—to move to a place of freedom, a place of possibility. It’s a privilege to be a part of and a witness to that transformation as a leader of The Landmark Forum.

Angie Mattingly

 Each time I lead The Landmark Forum, I see people’s enormous courage and commitment to take on the opportunities and challenges in their lives—to leave behind old conversations that no longer work, and to move what they see or imagine as possible into action. 

Larry Pearson

 At some point in life many people realize the incredible gift of making a difference in the lives of others. Week after week, whether in Bangkok, Mumbai, or Chicago, I have that gift—the privilege of touching people’s lives in a powerful, expansive way. 

Gitanjali Koppikar